The Aardvark and Arrow provide the following goods and services:

  • Premium chemical and preservative free beer and cider at half the price you would expect to pay for a similar product purchased at the bottle shop.  Packaging is simply a choice of Kegging, Bottling or Canning.

  • Party Hire equipment boasting a wide range of necessities required to facilitate a successful function (See Party Hire)
  • Co2 Gas Bottle refilling while you wait.
  • Venue Hire – who said you couldn’t organise a “booze up” in a brewery
  • Beer dispensing equipment, hardware and spare parts
  • Home Brew supplies

Brewing Process

The Aardvark and Arrow is a Small Batch Brewery and as such known for its “speciality beers.” They are typically “Hand Crafted” beers (50 litres), which means they are better able to cater to customer requests in terms of beer design. Marcia, Tiffany and Guy love to experiment with different styles of beer, different ingredients, ingredient proportions etc  This always makes for great and sometimes surprising outcomes. Every day is a delicious science experiment at our place.

Microbreweries have a character and identity unique to themselves, this is why larger breweries just can’t compete with the beautiful and diverse range of craft beers produced in smaller volumes.